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Hubspot 2010-05-14

May 16th, 2010

Was doing some for research on Hubspot – couldn’t find any complaints out on the web except for some whining guy who didn’t like the sales presenters voice – not sure really what that had to do with the product. As to the product itself I’ve included some interesting things:


you and I know that testimonials can be manipulated – but the fact is the search engines have something to say about this company.

a testimonial page – the first testimonial is from a injection molded foam company – her praise is interesting and tells you what she got out of it – the company is under 20 employees – what i found really interesting is if you search her company name on the web google brings up a page full of listings about her company



and if you search on injection molded foam – her company comes up right at the top – I think that says a lot about what this product could possibly do for us.


search under soft foam product: and she comes up number 2


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