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Notes for 2009-10-07

October 7th, 2009 Comments off

Electric Tube Amplipher Here

Lenny Kravitz and Justice Here

Cool Fixed Table Header JQuery Plugin Here

Very cool effects for flash: Here

You can create your own barcode: Here

AcaWiki – academic knowledge: Here

Rewrote all of the meta descriptions for Interactive Mediaworks – hope it helps.

Working on Version 3 of DoubleYourBusiness2009 site – allowing for tmID and dmID and contact info to display – also want to redo the forms so there is a consistency over all of our sites – will be working on that tomorrow – also Maureen and I had some good ideas percolating

Rode 19.85 today: 01:09 17.26 mph bit nippy and the wind really was blowing out towards the desert – stayed on the cove route.

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Notes for Today 2009-10-06

October 6th, 2009 Comments off

changed htaccess so that ?w2wms doesn’t show up on RE and SB sites. now it looks nice and clean –

changed out the links on so that they carry over the distributors info to the other sites that lead off the site – ie. will carry over the distributors info so that they get credit for signups on that site – that should mean that the telemarketers will carry over to? well it will carry over to the but it doesn’t register the tms on the index page – need to fix that.

thinking about Boyd all day long – hope he is doing well. The lung operation sounds rather dreadful.

turned off everybody that is at day66 until Steve writes day67.

saw the chiropractor today – Buzz Edelburg Palm Springs Healing Center always makes me feel better. Shouldn’t wait so long between visits.

still trying to figure out recursive function – it has numbed my brain.

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Notes To Myself 2009-10-06

October 6th, 2009 Comments off

Some pretty cool wine racks

Interesting collective artist page:

Next time we are in Brussels we should think about staying here:White Hotel

Nice kitchen stuff for gifts: Kitchen Stuff

Something for a fun time on a rainy day: Twilight Umbrellas

Great Sunglasses: Sabre

Another Art Site: Beutiful/Decay

All sorts of building material products: Architonic

Cool house stuff: Daily Tonic

The motorcycle i would ride if i rode motorcycles: Triumph Rocket iii Roadster

Beck is doing some pretty kool covers: Beck’s Record Club

Very kool photo site: Some questionable imagery: Miles Aldridge

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