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October 24th, 2009

Growth of Soil and The Women At The Pump have been on my list of books I have read multiple times. Hunger and Pan are not. August, Mysteries, Wayfarers I have read once. I know that I shouldn’t have liked reading this man’s writings. He sided with the Nazi’s – was sympathetic to the Fascist movement, was a racist – culturally and racially – but i must say that Growth of Soil and The Women at the Pump have stuck with me. I can not escape the feeling that art does not always come from those that we would feel empathy or sympathetic to – that art can not be found in the biography of the artist, can not be compared with their political and social ideals and mores. Instead when the art is born it is disassociated from the artist if it is to live the real life of art – it must be hard and pristine and able to withstand the absurdities of their creator and stand on it own. I remember reading Henry Miller saying how much he wished to meet Hamson – myself i would never have wanted to meet this man – but read his writings that is a different matter. Knut Hamson

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