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October 22nd, 2009

I have been very lucky in many aspects of my life. I have seen many of the treasured pieces of art that the world of men has created. In the summer of 2007 dave and i were able to go to Amsterdam and where we were able to get into the Van Gogh museum without waiting more than 5 minutes in line. Obviously you have to go at just the right time to manage this. It was before noon. Although the museum left me feeling over saturated and wanting too, as many of the great masterpieces were not available, – we both enjoyed the visit. I found this link this morning, it reminds me of why i have had in the past such a high regard for Vincent’s work – to have been the recipient of one of these letters must have been such a sweet experience: Vicent’s letters. Upon leaving the museum we walked across the boulevard and entered the Bols Museum – a museum dedicated to the history of Bols Distillery. The experience was enhanced by the smells, sights and sounds of a very modern museum and a great cocktail at the end House of Bols.

Found think link that allows you to explore all of Vincent’s letters.

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