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October 19th, 2009

If I Should Open My Mouth: page 251-252: “Saturday 1st– I don’t know why it is that ideas occur to me except when I lack the time to put them down or when it is literally impossible to do so, as for instance when I am seated in a dentist’s chair or surrounded by talking people at a dinner party, or even sound asleep, when often the best things come to light and are recognized as such by a critical part of my mind which is there watching, quiet capable of judging but utterly unable to command an awakening and a recording. Sick-bed and fever often bring up astonishing things, but again to what avail? A less ingenuous man than I might ask just why it should be of any importance to me that what goes on inside my mind should be put down. I am not a literary person and I never expect to be one, nor have I any intention of showing my notebooks to my friends. But that is a point not even discussed; long ago I determined to extreact from my mind whatever by-products it could furnish..

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