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2009-10-24 just more things

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sharp looking kitchen things: Deni

graphical interface site – skip down memory lane of os and program interfaces: Guidebook Gallery

I love looking at The Die and here is another place to see great packaging:

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knut hamson

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Growth of Soil and The Women At The Pump have been on my list of books I have read multiple times. Hunger and Pan are not. August, Mysteries, Wayfarers I have read once. I know that I shouldn’t have liked reading this man’s writings. He sided with the Nazi’s – was sympathetic to the Fascist movement, was a racist – culturally and racially – but i must say that Growth of Soil and The Women at the Pump have stuck with me. I can not escape the feeling that art does not always come from those that we would feel empathy or sympathetic to – that art can not be found in the biography of the artist, can not be compared with their political and social ideals and mores. Instead when the art is born it is disassociated from the artist if it is to live the real life of art – it must be hard and pristine and able to withstand the absurdities of their creator and stand on it own. I remember reading Henry Miller saying how much he wished to meet Hamson – myself i would never have wanted to meet this man – but read his writings that is a different matter. Knut Hamson

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yoko ono

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today yoko ono took questions from a teeming host of questions and answered them:
i had to chuckle at this one – it made me very happy:
Dear Yoko, how can a loving parent help her child stop telling lies?
Think of their lies as creative stories. Ask them to tell more and express your appreciation. Keep pushing for more stories. Ask them to write them as their diary. Soon then will want to write something real in their diaries…not fiction. If they want to keep writing fiction. Well, you will have a writer in your family!
Yoko Ono Answers Questions

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van gogh

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I have been very lucky in many aspects of my life. I have seen many of the treasured pieces of art that the world of men has created. In the summer of 2007 dave and i were able to go to Amsterdam and where we were able to get into the Van Gogh museum without waiting more than 5 minutes in line. Obviously you have to go at just the right time to manage this. It was before noon. Although the museum left me feeling over saturated and wanting too, as many of the great masterpieces were not available, – we both enjoyed the visit. I found this link this morning, it reminds me of why i have had in the past such a high regard for Vincent’s work – to have been the recipient of one of these letters must have been such a sweet experience: Vicent’s letters. Upon leaving the museum we walked across the boulevard and entered the Bols Museum – a museum dedicated to the history of Bols Distillery. The experience was enhanced by the smells, sights and sounds of a very modern museum and a great cocktail at the end House of Bols.

Found think link that allows you to explore all of Vincent’s letters.

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If I Should Open My Mouth: page 251-252: “Saturday 1st– I don’t know why it is that ideas occur to me except when I lack the time to put them down or when it is literally impossible to do so, as for instance when I am seated in a dentist’s chair or surrounded by talking people at a dinner party, or even sound asleep, when often the best things come to light and are recognized as such by a critical part of my mind which is there watching, quiet capable of judging but utterly unable to command an awakening and a recording. Sick-bed and fever often bring up astonishing things, but again to what avail? A less ingenuous man than I might ask just why it should be of any importance to me that what goes on inside my mind should be put down. I am not a literary person and I never expect to be one, nor have I any intention of showing my notebooks to my friends. But that is a point not even discussed; long ago I determined to extreact from my mind whatever by-products it could furnish..

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Beautiful poster for Tokyo’s Tama National Zoo circa 1960’s Here

Our local neighborhood organization – people wanting to be in an HOA – fuck um – didn’t buy my house to be in their group – sent this recent questionnaire about using golf carts as a mode of transportation within the city limits – yeah like i want this jackasses being any part of my world. Jack Assed Golfers – Run Them Over The again you could try and talk me into owning the new Peugot BB1 – but i would say fuck that too – fucking ugly. Peugot BB1

draw me a space ship please tom swift like: Drawings

nightmares of the 60’s images from the past when computers were bigger than people: Here

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2009-10-11 nothing important

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Flash Shared Objects are stored on the Mac OSX in the following path:
user/library/Preferences/Macromedia(Really Macromedia you’d think adobe would change that after all these years)/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/(then you have to look for the site it was stored under/

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notes 2009-10-10

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Newly translated Rainer Rilke writings: Paris Review

In books there are recorded the fortunes of those who were especially happy or unhappy, especially holy or hateful in their hearts. Then there are episodes from the life of each one: hopes and revelations, secrets and swoonings, ordered according to the alphabet of age and experience. They talk in those books either about girls in the country or girls in the city, or maybe about an only daughter taken out of one setting and placed into the other. They describe either a girl nothing happens to or a girl everything happens to, but they have a special predilection for cases where both take place, one after the other—this is felt to be particularly thrilling and educational and is now customary in novels and with anyone who deals with manufactured stories, events, and destinies.
—Translated from German by Damion Searls
Preorder The Inner Sky: Poems, Notes, Dreams Rainer Maria Rilke’s The Inner Sky: Poems, Notes, and Dreams, translated by Damion Searls and due out from David R. Goodine on October 15.

Antony and the Johnsons – Single EP Aeon and Crazy in Love – great way to start the day: Aeon

After Antony a good long set of house sounds from Global Underground it puts me in the mood for Saturday: Afterhours 5

Sounds like a good read on bicycling: A Dog in a Hat: An American Bike Racer’s Story of Mud, Drugs, Blood, Betrayal, and Beauty in Belgium

Got to get me this: The List

an afternoon ride out on the desert 86° hardly any headwinds – the best way to spend the afternoon

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Notes for 2009-10-09

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had a dark and gusty ride out on the desert this morning. Sun started coming up when we came back down from windy point – beautiful clear skies and almost foggy on the desert floor.

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Notes for 2009-10-08

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Clothing for the adventure of a lifetime. Certified Space Traveler T-Shirt

Great small art It’s a small world Art

Long day of figuring out how D built the CreativeJuice page as it wasn’t loading the information begin sent to it by the inhouse product – finally figured it out – much to the relief of the sales dept.

Met with Ryan today about the servers and the situation with the backups – not happy with the conversation to say the least.

I know my history leads back to Oklahoma but this people are a bunch of dumb fucks: Oklahoma

i love me some vanilla: Bikes

Beautiful Interiors: Here

pretty wrench: okay so i’m gay and i think tools are cute: so STFU: wrench

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